April 08, 2016 Maria Batlle

Can you believe it has been one whole year already?! Yes this post is a few days late...I have been busy celebrating ;-) Why April 7th you ask? Well this is the day my husband and I became parents for the very first time with our DS seven years ago! He was our inspiration as well as our DD (with the name!). The date is personal but reflects a new beginning in our family. 

How has the business been going?

It was definitely challenging at first, as in any business, you have to give it 110% dedication. Finding a balance between family and a business will never be easy, but I have been so fortunate to have such an awesome support system thus far. Patience is key!

How are the customers and why is it important for them to have access to breastfeed and or pump?

Fabulous! You are the reason we are still here! It's not just a business, it's finding ways to truly make a difference and empower our community of mothers to nurse or pump.

As a former postpartum doula, many moms had stressed about nursing in public. Once they were able to get over that fear, nothing could stop them. Our basic collection is there to help mothers who are still not yet comfortable to nurse in public but still want to be discreet. This is for mothers that work and have to pump at their desk or in their cars (yes it happens!), and need quick access before the "let downs" happen. Being able to have access no matter the reason, is one less stress in your day! 

Why is Nursing Novi different from everyone else?

We have apparel that is modern, comfortable and fashionable. I was careful to choose products I felt could be versatile. Layering and comfort was always a part of my style while breastfeeding, and I tried to take that into consideration when making selections. We carry eco-friendly clothing as we should always keep Pachamama (Mother Earth) in mind and a part of our daily lives. I wanted the material to last, and investing in any quality product is always a good thing, especially if you see yourself having more chances to nurse in the future! 

What do you see in the future for Nursing Novi?

More chances to meet in-person with my clients! Stay tuned!

A very long side note: I had the chance to set up shop at a Birth and Baby Fair in San Francisco last year, and I ended up losing my voice the next day! The amount of mothers-to-be and current nursing moms I had the pleasure to speak to, was beyond anything I imagined! I had the chance to quickly educate a few moms-to-be on the benefits and risks of nursing as they were unsure whether they would or not. To even open up that conversation in general, to me, was fantastic that even for a second they were opened to the idea of breastfeeding. Educate, educate, educate I say. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to our babies! The more you know, the more you can make a better informed decision. 

Happy Birthday to Nursing Novi! Continue to spread the word of NN to your friends, co-workers and relatives! Please tag me on your selfies through IG or FB @NursingNovi. We still have some ways to go, but I will be here! I want to see this shift continue to make nursing accessible to every mom out there and to continue to normalize breastfeeding! Whether you nurse for a month or a year or three, know that we got you "covered".

Much love, peace and please keep breastfeeding/pumping on!! Remember to empower our community of mothers, not judge, nor shame. We all have real life situations going on and we all just need to feel loved and supported!

Besos XOXO

Maria Batlle

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