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February 28, 2015 Maria Batlle

So excited to be here! I welcome you all to Nursing Novi! Lots of love put into this, lots of elbow and grease, and tons of support from all the amazing people that surround us! Thank you!

Who am I? My name is Maria, born in VA with my beautiful nationality of El Salvador. I am an advocate for anything and all things related to breastfeeding, nursing, latching, etc. I became a mother for the very first time in 2009, not realizing the true struggle of nursing clothes, and quite frankly did not know how long I was going to breastfeed. While on the hunt for fashionable nursing clothes...I found myself out of luck all the time. Back to cardigans, tanks and button-up tops!

But then...

Here comes baby #2 in 2012. Okay, now I had to start searching for breastfeeding clothes. Button-up shirts were just not cutting it for my voluptuous size ladies and were not flattering as well. The struggle was definitely real!

Present time

Roughly a year and some months ago, I decided to truly find nursing attire, as yes, I was still breastfeeding my now toddler child. I decided to then expand to Europe. I came into several amazing suppliers that cater towards moms like me, past the postpartum stage and even past that first year of breastfeeding. 

I spared no expense sourcing out companies that were eco-conscious and of fine quality, and when I mean sourcing out I mean from Europe, Asia and even in the States! I admire versatility in styles and wanted to incorporate that. Bringing breastfeeding and fashion together to all my nursing mothers, will only help to embrace breastfeeding!  

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