The Breastfeeding Goodie Bag!

February 13, 2016 Maria Batlle

Whether you are having a hospital, birthing center or home birth, here is a quick guide to some helpful breastfeeding should-have's, to keep in a bag! 


1. Sleepwear- Be comfortable in bed and have easy access for all those feedings during the night and day! We carry two types of sleepwear that traveled all the way from Catalonia-Spain! In this guide, we used the Nursing Nightdress. Comfortable, cute and of course has access for your breastfeeding or pumping needs by lifting the nightdress from the breast.

2. The Nursing Poncho is just that, a poncho! It actually converts to a portable pouch as it zips within itself! Once its worn, the zipper can carry a diaper or two and a small stack of wipes! Are you saying this poncho gives you storage, allows for discreet nursing, and can be worn as a top?! YES, YES and YES! Thank you Molly Ades!

3.  Once you are ready to go home, grab those leggings and this Long Sleeve Nursing top! Fun, stylish and accessible to the breasts! 

4.  Nursing pillow-you might say ehhhh I can use pillows, yes you can, but nursing pillows have the sides covered for you! Which is nice to have once you try it! Position, position, and position of baby is super important to get breastfeeding off to a good start! Painful breastfeeding shouldn't really happen, as this could be the cause of other issues. Sore nipples is one thing, and can last a few days as your breasts are regulating per your baby's demand. (See...I am a Certified Lactating Educator..I'm not just making this up lol!).  Choose a nursing pillow that is comfortable in a chair, on a bed or those special baby rocking chairs!

5. Nursing Bra-very important! Should be loose during the first two weeks, not a sporting bra because it restricts the flow of milk and can cause pain, wired bra's also not recommended as it too can restrict the milk flow and can cause issues like clogged/plugged ducts, and engorgement. The picture below shows a bra that is cotton, has room at the breast and no wires. 

6. Lanolin-great to use if you start to see some mild, mild redness at the nipple area. Scent free is also important, I've heard some put olive or coconut oil. Probably not a good idea when the baby is just born. Baby knows the location of the breast due to the smell of the areola that it gives. (Cracked, bloody or really painful nipples should really be checked out by a certified Lactation Consultant).

7. "Goodie Bag"-or hospital bag, or diaper bag, or big purse... whatever you call it, get one for you! Let that be your bag that will hold all of the above, extra pads, chapstick, water bottle, snacks, phone and a book or magazine!

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